Colored labyrinths connect us to the stars /sites/all/themes/dh_internal/flickr_cache/15633012908_8e4473ec63_o_d.jpg
A dream dug out of mountain rock /sites/all/themes/dh_internal/flickr_cache/15818431425_1c57b75d2f_o_d.jpg
Trust and the Credito are our true wealth /sites/all/themes/dh_internal/flickr_cache/15819988472_1090b7c215_o_d.jpg
Sustainability is the present and the future /sites/all/themes/dh_internal/flickr_cache/15794757966_2db462dfcc_o_d.jpg
Dreams are the fire that ignite us /sites/all/themes/dh_internal/flickr_cache/15572897388_b976dc39d6_o_d.jpg
Spirituality is collective art /sites/all/themes/dh_internal/flickr_cache/15573508160_a0cfbd0975_o_d.jpg
Where "me" becomes "we" /sites/all/themes/dh_internal/flickr_cache/15573153817_edb8ff1986_o_d.jpg
Where technology and spirit intersect /sites/all/themes/dh_internal/flickr_cache/15572474729_a79a9a0a1e_o_d.jpg
Express your gratitude for the earth's nourishment /sites/all/themes/dh_internal/flickr_cache/15759871502_bfbd5bffc4_o_d.jpg
Help us pioneer new paths for change /sites/all/themes/dh_internal/flickr_cache/15572662659_90b256d831_o_d.jpg
Optimism anticipates the results /sites/all/themes/dh_internal/flickr_cache/15573152977_21b9c22e60_o_d.jpg
Creating a colorful world together /sites/all/themes/dh_internal/flickr_cache/15138355074_e559f31618_o_d.jpg
Curiosity leads to new discoveries /sites/all/themes/dh_internal/flickr_cache/15573511320_501ab671dd_o_d.jpg

“Damanhur is a new insemination for the world, bringing in ancient traditions. Damanhur has created a truly alternative model that can be imitated to face the moment of crisis and change that will put us to the test.”

- Jean Houston

“I would like the leaders of the world to come to Damanhur and objectively study how a thousand people from different countries work together and create an environment worth emulating. Damanhur must be better known in the world, because the world is looking for a model for the survival of the world.”

- D. R. Karthikeyan

“Damanhur for me is laboratory for the future of humanity. The future won’t be the same as the past, so we must change ourselves to create a sustainable future with solidarity and peace. This is what we must find, and I believe that Damanhur brings an extremely important contribution.”

- Ervin Laszlo

“The principle emotion is… of course… gratitude! For the courage of so large a vision, its simplicity, as well as its complexity. Wonder and Gratitude, Thank you! ”

- Sting

“In the early 1970’s, when John Lennon wrote the lyrics to IMAGINE, he probably never imagined that within a few years the world he dreamed of would be birthed into being.”

- Arielle Ford

“What can I say!? I've seen a lot of things, I've seen things that you people wouldn't believe... but here I really saw a level of “operational madness” that I sense wants to express something really important for the whole human race!”

- Syusy Blady

“In all the years of my life I have seen a great deal of human life and what is happening here is exceptional, unique and very important for the future of humanity.”

- Jean Houston

“I believe that many Damanhurians have ‘found their tree’. They know what their dreams are and are actively realizing them.”

- Julia Butterfly Hill

“I feel deep appreciation for the people whose imagination, love and dedication created this extraordinary monument (referred to the Temples of Humankind) and community, that shows the way to a better future for all of us.”

- Stanislav Grof

“There is a strong sense that for the Damanhurians, creativity and the arts have replaced the drive for material consumption.”

- Gary Alexander

“Damanhur's creativity and industry have helped transform an impoverished region into almost an economic miracle. ”

- Bill Metcalf

“I like that Damanhurians continue to be big dreams, that even though you've made big dreams here. I think that the revolution that I want requires many great models, to spark interest, and Damanhur is certainly one that I will add to my list of great models.”

- Patch Adams

“Damanhur and the Temples of Humankind are for the 21st century what Assisi was during the time of Saint Francis – both represent the most profound engagement for the wellbeing and dignity of all human beings, and the highest respect for other living beings and for all of creation.”

- Ashok Khosla

“That which I find interesting and attractive about Damanhur is the fusion of practical experimentation with new social forms and spirituality, inside a community context. The real value of Damanhur is to give people permission to try out a new world, and to demonstrate that a new world is possible.”

- Paul Ray

“At Damanhur we become aware that in the midst of a magnificent diversity of cultures and life forms we are one human family and one Earth Community with a common destiny.”

- Ruud Lubbers

“In a valley that had many economic and social indications of depression, Damanhur has brought inhabitants, reactivated interest in antique trades, and brought back the pleasure of artistic production in many fields. Today, Damanhur represents an element of social innovation.”

- Luigi Berzano

“The Damanhur Temples are a masterwork of human invention, inspiration and dedication. They are a monument testifying to the power of vision in a community of people dedicated to the search for higher consciousness and true spirituality.”

- Ervin Laszlo

“In Damanhur, all wisdom paths were examinated and integrated, masculine and feminine energies balanced, heaven and heart corresponded, and spirital renewal occured through possession by a holy and inexhaustible creativity.”

- Alex Grey