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Founding members of Damanhur: (from left to right) Condor, Fenice, Falco, Canguro


The story of Falco is the story of a man who believed so strongly in his dreams that he was able to involve many other people and make them dream as well.
It is also the story of a man who has always forged ahead with his life.
Falco was born in 1950 in Balangero, near Turin, from Dovilia and Giovanni, and from a very early age showed very unusual abilities: he could heal the injuries of his friends, enliven their games with visions and wonders, he was continuously testing the co-existence between natural and supernatural laws. It was not so much his friends who were frightened by this abilities but rather, sometimes, his parents. The anecdotes, told by him and by his mother, are unforgettable: his rides on a bicycle on which he had fixed two handcrafted little rockets, or how he sometimes ‘gave orders’ to the washing machine to chase his parents!
In 1967, Falco published his first book ‘Poems of my sixteen years’ (Poesie dei miei sedici anni), followed by ‘Chronicles of my suicide’ (Cronache del mio suicidio) in 1968.



Con te, Falco

Falco, Oberto Airaudi, founder and inspiration of Damanhur, passed away on Sunday, June 23, 2013 at 11:12pm (23.12), in the nucleo community of Aval where he lived together with other Damanhurian citizens since 1980. Falco was 63 years old, and for some months had been suffering from a cancer to the right colon which spread to the liver, which he faced without any aggressive treatment, in accordance with the vision of health he always advocated.
In mid-March, in an article in Damanhur’s daily newspaper the QDq, Falco alluded to the fact that health itself was leaving him, inviting – in his own, personal style - Damanhurians to gather tightly around their ideals with friendship and affection, which for years he indicated was the goal to achieve collectively.
In the span of a few months his condition deteriorated rapidly, but Falco continued to carry out his commitments, including two weekly public gatherings – Thursday evenings and Friday afternoons – adding more events, courses and individual meetings with citizens. The intensity with which he lived until his last day, never missing an opportunity for humor, devoting all his energy toward increasing awareness and unity between people, are an example for all. Before passing on, he left all his available property to Damanhur because, as he often said, “I arrived on this planet naked, and that is how I will leave it.”


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