40th anniversary

2015 is dedicated to sharing and commemorating this milestone

This year, Damanhur celebrates the 40th anniversary of its founding on September 1, 1975. So, all of 2015 is dedicated to sharing and commemorating this important milestone, and above all, to envision the future.

Forty years is a symbol of reaching maturity. From the time Falco Tarassaco and his early companions envisioned the creation of the first community and the birth of the Temples of Humankind... up to this moment, we have grown and evolved. We have created a place that we are all proud of, while staying open to the idea that we can still improve!

Today, Damanhur is a community experience that is known all over the world and also deeply rooted in the area of Italy where it is located. Many people look to Damanhur as an example for their own projects, and thousands come to visit every year. We have a lot of contact and interwoven exchanges with those who, like us, desire to leave a positive imprint on this planet, for ourselves and future generations.

For all of us living our lives here, "forty years later" is an image that is strong and alive in us. Falco has left his physical body two years ago. This is also a mirror for us to observe our own maturity and feel the love that still connects us to our spiritual father.

2015 is the year of the Damanhur's 40th anniversary. It's a year of celebration, and we invite all of our friends, both longstanding ones and new ones who welcome this moment as a chance to get to know Damanhur.

From May to December 2015, when you come to visit Damanhur, you may participate in many larger and smaller events that are interspersed throughout the months. Special sessions will be dedicated to the themes of the teachings of Falco, research and art, organized by Damanhur Welcome & University.

May Damanhur's birthday be a birthday celebration for all those who, like us, desire a future of joy and peace!

Whatever our dreams and challenges may be, we all have a divine spark to reawaken.
We sincerely hope our connection can help you do just that.

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