Art and Creativity

At Damanhur everyone discovers being an artist

Art school
Your Inner Artist

The part of you that knows how to draw from your experiences

If it's true that an artist resides within every human being-and at Damanhur, we believe it is-then the path of the Art School will lead to the discovery of your inner artist.
What is your inner artist?
It's the part of you that knows how to draw from your experiences, imagination and intuition to create works of art that are both personal and collective. At Damanhur, the artist is fully actualized through exchange with others. Even those who observe a work of art or attend a performance are part of the artwork and part of the performance.
The School also offers spaces that are specially prepared for creativity and artistic inspiration, such as meditative walkways, stone labyrinths and spirals in the Temple of the Sacred Woods.
The full three-year Damanhurian Art School program is structured around annual sessions, with the subsequent possibility of a two-year master's degree. You may also attend individual courses instead of the entire program.

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