Art and Creativity

At Damanhur everyone discovers being an artist

Battle of the Arts

"Battle" for the creation of beauty rather than destruction

The Battle of the Arts is a competition that first occurred at Damanhur in the mid-1980s to elicit the artistic talents of all Damanhur citizens. Six teams competed against each other to create the best artistic works for beautifying the grounds at Damanhur. Many types of fascinating projects were created: architectural works, mural paintings, areas for regeneration in nature, small fountains, meaningful graffiti and many others. Some of these artistic works are still intact to this day, while others have disappeared during renovation work around Damanhur.
While the Battle of the Arts was a competition, its true significance (as is often the case at Damanhur) was to challenge oneself. It could be to learn a new capability or discover a latent talent, and make them available to others while having fun and enjoying the process.
The Battle of the Arts also had a notable effect on a social level. The six teams were chosen by randomly drawing the names of citizens. The teams subsequently formed six lineages: Armadillos, Barracudas, Lemurs, Leopards, Lizards and Sea Basses. These lineages were significant enough to create the basis of the first community groups, who sought a way of living together based on expressions of beauty and nobility, and beyond the very practical nature that has always inspired life at Damanhur.

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