Art and Creativity

At Damanhur everyone discovers being an artist


Representing profound messages in an artistic way

Since the early years, the desire to represent Damanhur's values and meanings in an artistic way gave rise to the first handmade objects, theatre shows, songs and mural paintings. In the 1980s, the organization of the community government had what was then called the Ministry of Culture. This Ministry worked to develop a strong cultural identity and a Damanhurian style that could characterize every aspect of life.The Temples of Humankind were a hotbed of art and creativity, and after the first experiments, Damanhurians created the mosaic, stained glass, sculpture and painting studios. In addition to creating adornments for the Temples, the artists had activities that were in service to a wider audience. From the works of the first time period (jokingly called "barbaric art") to the more refined recent works, Damanhurians relate to artistic expression as continuous rebirth in which we value individual talents in communion with those of others.In the mid-1980s, the Open Temple of Damjl was created, with its red clay colonnade, and the "Battle of the Arts" was held many times. This "battle" builds rather than destroys, and everyone wins. There were competitions among various teams to see who could create the most beautiful works of art to enrich the lands of the community.Each Damanhurian engages in at least one kind of art form. Year after year, a more specific style is developed by identifying shared canons, which are manifested in different forms of expressive and figurative art. Today, from the paintings of the Temple halls to short theatrical sketches that close out each Thursday evening meeting, artistic expression is an element present in the life of every Damanhurian, where everyone is both artist and audience.

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