Art and Creativity

At Damanhur everyone discovers being an artist


Art as a method of individual and collective growth

At Damanhur, self-sufficiency is valued from a cultural perspective. From this point of view, beginning an artistic pathway should always be based on personal instinct and the ability to "learn by doing," only addressing the technical side once the channel of inspiration has been opened. So, the instinct should be guided by the artist.Another key element is the ability to work together in groups. The paintings, as for sculptures, are mostly collective expressions both in their conception and creation, where different hands take turns in making them. This happens in music and theater as well; we very rarely see one-man shows or solo performances. The artist is seen as a medium of the people. A painter, a writer, a sculptor is someone who knows how to channel the inspiration that comes from all Damanhurians-volunteering one's own hands, ingenuity and voice to the collective creation. For this reason, artwork that is created is a piece of a common identity, in which every Damanhurian recognizes a part of themselves in it. Since the boundary that defines art is very thin, especially in a situation like Damanhur where every field is a place of experimentation and spiritual reflection, Damanhurians consider art as an all-around creative way of living. We have developed original expressions in a variety of fields: from makeup artistry and clothing to goldsmithing and jewelry, and much more.At Damanhur Welcome and University, Damanhurian artists have created a real Art School where they share their techniques and experiences.

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