Art and Creativity

At Damanhur everyone discovers being an artist

A Popolo of Artists
We are the Artwork

Life is a space where we experiment with our creativity

Cultivating our personal artistic skills is an important element in the education and training of Damanhurians, Some choose to dedicate much time, effort and skill; others approach art more as a hobby. What matters is that everyone in the community dedicates at least some time and energy to the artist within.
Living with an artistic spirit enables anyone to add value and meaning to everyday actions. Above all, it means constantly surpassing previous results by opening to new insights, thoughts and ways of living.
At Damanhur, the idea is that amongst all the many works of art, the most beautiful ones are the people themselves. Living as an artist means living with dedication and creative spirit, envisioning and opening new perspectives, not just in artistic fields but in all areas of life, in order to enrich the lives of others, as well as one's own. For this reason, all Damanhurians are considered artists.
The physical environment in which we live is also very important. In Damanhur, the intention is to create places that may inspire everyone, and that serve as alchemical crucibles where spirit and form unite and where spiritual achievements are made manifest through creativity and imagination.
Damanhur as a whole may be considered a great work of art.
Damanhur citizens receive the inspiration of others and, in turn, inspires others. Each person is both protagonist and audience, depending on the context and the moment. The goal of creating art is to tell a story of passion, commitment, joy and creativity, all played out on the boundaries of the relationship between the human dimension and the other forms of life and intelligent beings that surround us.

Art and Education

Early education in art leads to a happy, harmonious life

In Damanhur, developing creativity is an important part of our children's education. At the Damanhur School, a relationship with art is cultivated for children of all ages from infancy to 14 years of age (after which, they attend public high school). The children and youth are offered many of the same experiences that adults have, such as exploring their talents in all areas of art and creativity, integrating individual creative expressions into collective works of art, and using imagination to confront any aspect of life.
Students at Damanhur School really enjoy this immersion into art. They observe, draw, create sculptures with clay and recycled materials, learn to play musical instruments and sing, write poems and perform the stories they have invented together through theatre, music and dance. They do all of this in a lighthearted way, revealing aspects of themselves which they can freely express through art.
The educators are expected to have an artistic and professional training and, of course, the ability to teach in a creative way (which should not difficult, as children are extraordinary muses!).
The best demonstration of the educational value of art is when these same youth, once grown, take what they have learned over the years from their educators and cultivate this creative spirit and knowledge on their own. For example, the teenagers and young adults who together in Casa Ragazzi-also known as the Milte nucleo community-formed a pop music group called I Piedi di Troll (Troll's Feet). They have written, arranged and performed songs together. These songs have become one of their preferred ways to express opinions, feelings and ideas about life.

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