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At Damanhur everyone discovers being an artist

Sacred Art
Sacred Symbols

A language for the expression of archetypal concepts

Even more unique is Damanhur’s Sacred Language. It is based on the expression of archetypal concepts through words, symbols (ideograms), and Sacred Dance. Imagine the first language of humankind, one that was spoken before Babel. Now try to express it through the voice, the eyes and the body. The result of this research at Damanhur is the Sacred Language! In the storylines and artworks in the Temples of Humankind, Sacred Language symbols give meaning to every detail. In addition to the halls of the Temples, places for prayer and meditation are decorated in a similar way. The fascinating Sacred Language increases the spiritual value of these sites, which are dedicated to contacting the divine. Mandalas are often represented in the Temples and prayer halls at Damanhur. Mandalas are images that are studied in order to facilitate a mediumistic contact between an individual and the forces of the spiritual ecosystem. They work through the use of symbols, which open doors of communication between seemingly different worlds.

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