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Selfica Art
Selfic Painting

Paintings that open doorways to extraordinary dimensions

Selfic paintings are great communicators, in the sense that they send messages and intuitions to their owners. Each color corresponds to a different vital frequency, and the paintings are two-dimensional expressions of the selfs, which typically act through three-dimensional objects that are a complex interweaving of different metals, minerals, liquids and inks.
Selfic paintings contain archetypal symbols which, according to the study of Sacred Language, have always been present in the human unconscious. These symbols can create correspondences in the unconscious mind of the observer. In doing so, the paintings offer a total sensory experience and, for this reason, they can be used as an effective tool for meditation.
Falco Tarassaco, the founder of this painting technique, would write the title of the painting first, then transpose this title onto the canvas through painting. In this process, the words that form the foundation of the painting hold the key to its specific purpose. The use of each painting is also connected to the owner's personal preferences and sensitivities.
Selfic paintings keep their functions active through light. Their colors, forms and symbols are alive, animated, so they need light like plants needs water. To understand the relationship that is established with a Selfic painting, consider that are not purchased, but rather "adopted" by their owners because they are living beings, not just inanimate objects.
Just like every "self," the Selfic paintings establish a special connection with the person who uses them, creating an energetic symbiosis that allows for a kind of "dialogue" with each work of art.
Falco has exhibited his paintings in Moscow, Tokyo, New York, San Francisco and Turin. Over the years, Falco had taught a group of artists, his former students, how to continue with Selfic painting, so his artistic heredity would be carried on over time.
In Damanhur Crea, at the Niatel gallery, anyone can view a permanent exhibition of Selfic paintings.

Selfic Jewelers

Objects in which energy takes the shape of art

Selfic jewelry is another field of artistic creation that is connected to Selfica. This jewelry is made of precious metals, such as gold and silver, as well as derived alloys like electrum, orichalcum, red gold and white gold. These beautiful jewelry pieces each support the development of specific personal functions-such as the bracelet for enhancing communication or astral travel-which may also be connected to the meanings of the symbols in Sacred Language that adorn the jewelry.
Goldsmiths in Damanhur's Oro Crea studio bring unique pieces to life. These artisans draw from their personal aesthetics, or they base their designs on individual requests. Often, jewelry that is custom made for someone becomes a model for future creations. In this way, the client becomes an artist, having participated in creating a design that is seen and appreciated by others.
Every Selfic jewelry piece has the spiral motif and smooth, rounded lines. Many are embedded with precious and semi-precious gemstones, which, in addition to being beautiful, serve as the memory of the piece, as they have this characteristic. The gemstones create stability in the relationship between the jewelry piece and the person who wears it.
Each Selfic jewelry piece gradually takes on the frequency of the person wearing it, exactly as it happens with all other "selfs." Use of the jewelry is personal. You can lend it to others, but it will not have any energetic effect. This remains reserved to its rightful owner.
It is possible to establish deep contact with this very personal jewelry, and to develop a complex inner dialogue of thoughts and intuitions, just as with Selfic paintings.

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