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A Shared Culture
Cultural Sustainability

Creating an original culture

The concept of creating an original culture may not seem as concrete an application of sustainability as something like, for instance, growing organic food, but at Damanhur, we strive to make "every action poetic" and "every poetry concrete." So, little by little, we have created original myths that were initially proposed by Falco, then developed by many Damanhurians into theatre shows, musical compositions, and other forms of expression.
The roles of the creators/producers and the audience are circular: there are those who write, those who paint, those who applaud. There are the critics, those who act out the roles, others who provide the inspiration and those who translate it. They are the same people in different roles, depending on whether we are talking about theatre, music, painting and so on. Culture is not just for intellectuals, and art is not just for connoisseurs. Both are popular sentiments that create the plot and the threads along which ideals and shared values flow.
Even the custom of decorating and painting all of the exterior walls of our buildings and houses with flowers, plants and animals reminds us of the importance of the ecosystem in which we are immersed. Like all of our endeavors as a community, it is a response to the desire for a collective identity shared through the timeless simplicity of a good story.
Are some of our collective stories images of a new world in formation? Our heirs will be the judges but if you ask us, the answer will definitely be "yes."

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