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An FEE Green Flag award-winning eco-house

In 2007, the nucleo Aval became the recipient of the Green Home award by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). Aval is an 800-square-meter jewel of ecological architecture. It brings together natural building materials with the most innovative technologies in house construction and plant design.
Cutting-edge technologies in the heating/air conditioning system integrated with thermal solar power minimize carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions. The heating system regulates air temperature in the winter and summer. The internal atmosphere is controlled by radiant floor and wall heating panels that maintain a comfortable temperature with minimum dispersion. The entire building is wrapped in a wood fiber coating that further reduces heat dispersion.
The heating system is also supported by a ventilation system with underground pipes, which keep the air cool in summer and pre-heat it in the winter, allowing minimum energy expenditure. Opening windows to ventilate rooms is unnecessary, as this occurs through air vents located throughout the house. Forced ventilation is an absolute requirement for buildings to qualify for energy-savings certification, which entitles owners to benefit from tax deductions.
In the heat of summer, an indoor pool helps to cool down the warm air flows in the air conditioning system.
Special care has been given to the use of natural water. Rainwater is collected in two underground reservoirs; it is used for toilet flushing and other situations in which drinking water is not necessary.
As for electricity, the house has a 20 kW power system that is able to produce 2000 kW every year. An increase to 60 kW is currently being planned.

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