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An economic vision that preserves a good quality of life

A project is sustainable when it protects our health and our future. In order to accomplish this, we must use the elements that our planet provides by respecting the conservation of natural resources. In doing so, we improve the quality of our lives and those of future generations.
For Damanhurians, this is a lifelong project that covers three main areas: environmental protection, economic development and social responsibility. We measure how much Damanhur is a concrete example of sustainable development by: 1) comparing economic sustainability, the capacity to generate income and employment for the livelihood of Damanhurians; 2) social sustainability, the capacity to ensure conditions of well being in terms of health, safety, and education of our citizens and children; and 3) environmental sustainability, the ability to maintain the quality and reproducibility of natural resources. The meeting point of these three components coincides with the capacity for sustainable development that Damanhur has enacted since its early years.
Naturally, to stay healthy as a community, it is necessary to keep an open dialogue with other individuals, organizations and communities. For this reason, Damanhur seeks exchange, collaboration, and communication in all areas and with many different resources-from environmental organizations and innovative scholars and researchers to specialized companies and communities that have developed low-environmental-impact technologies.
Anyone who comes to Damanhur and wants to share their ideas and experiences in this area is more than welcome. You can be assured that we will put you in touch with many other people who are passionate about sustainability!

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