Create Sustainability

Respect for life in our everyday actions


Living with dignity, receiving and offering respect

According to Damanhur philosophy, the concept of peace is living in a world where every popolo and every individual is able to live according to their own culture and spirituality, developing with respect for a sustainable environment. In a peaceful world, everyone can receive what they need and seek what they desire, while having respect for the wishes of others.

The social model of Damanhur moves in this direction, with respect for many kinds of diversity: ethnic, religious, cultural and more. The differences among people are considered a wealth to be protected.

Naturally, respect for cultural and religious diversity does not exclude prosecution for violations of personal dignity and the rights of individuals and groups. The absence of conflict and seeking mediation through dialogue rather than with weapons can only be achieved with clear rights and responsibilities for everyone. This begins with the right to live in dignity and freedom within a healthy, life-affirming environment.

Whatever our dreams and challenges may be, we all have a divine spark to reawaken.
We sincerely hope our connection can help you do just that.

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