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Prima Stalla

Damanhur's organic farm

The nucleo of Prima Stalla is the main location for agricultural farming, animal raising and agritourism (which we call "Il Tarassaco"). In 2007, Prima Stalla, together with the nucleo community Aval, was recognized as a Green Home by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), due to its eco-based architecture and lifestyle (including the use of organic food, low energy consumption lighting and electrical appliances, and organic household cleaning and personal hygiene products).
The Damanhur farm was created in order for citizens to have an agriculture site for cattle breeding, extensive grain cultivation, pastures and woodland, and vegetables grown in open fields and greenhouses. In addition to owning several pieces of land in the area, Damanhur purchased a deserted farmhouse in Cuceglio, Italy, which have been remodeled and expanded. It now has a modern stable and hayloft that can hold more than 100 head of cattle.
Damanhur citizens have lived in Prima Stalla since 2007, a few months after the Piedmont steers had already inhabited the stable. The stable contains about 10 solar panels with a battery system that is sufficient for external lighting. The house has been remodeled in accordance with the most innovative principles of green building-including the use of non-toxic materials from the cement and bricks to paint for the external walls and wood bases treated with a naturally penetrating sealer.
The home's wood heating system includes a gas-producing boiler and 3,000-liter hot water tank. The low-temperature underfloor heating system is integrated with 10 solar panels for preheating water. A double system for plumbing accumulates rainwater for toilet flushing.

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