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We Work for the Spring

A local economy based on ethics and solidarity

This is the name that Damanhurians use to define an economic production system based on circularity, as in: a baker makes bread for a mechanic, who repairs the doctor's car, and the doctor heals the computer programmer, and the programmer works on the baker's computer, and so on.

In this way, it is a low-impact model because it involves zero distance between producer and consumer, and is based on exchange rather than money. This kind of circuit works through solidarity, trust and immediate, direct relationships among people. It is an ideal system to create an economy and work culture based on concrete, ethical principles, which can support a project of social experimentation because it is based on the balance between community sharing and personal initiative.

The Damanhur economy adopts many elements of We Work for the Spring, from short production-consumption chains to respect for ethics in work relationships. The economy of Damanhur, however, is not based on a closed system of trade because Damanhurians have chosen to participate in a wide range of exchanges, including commercial ones, with people who are outside the community, as well.

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