Destination Damanhur

A new way to experience the adventure of Damanhur

Destination Damanhur

The doors of Damanhur are always open. In this moment, they are open even wider because we want to create new situations, launch new communities, dream about the development of the coming years, and do all this alongside others who desire to embark upon this adventure. We believe that now is the time to make important choices, for ourselves and for our planet.

We are choosing to move forward, to continue growing and changing together, because we believe that a conscious and united group of people can make a difference, for the world and in the world. And you? Think about it.

Look within yourself. If you also feel an ancient calling, if you feel that living together with other people and sharing the same dream may be the best way to express your talents and offer them in service to others, Destination Damanhur is for you.


A Project for the World

Damanhur is a project that belongs to the world. Together, we have founded Damanhur. We have invested our lives here, and we feel like the parents of this being who is so special, and so delicate and strong at the same time. However, we clearly feel in our hearts and in our minds that Damanhur is ever more a heritage that goes beyond what we have created so far. It is a dream that needs new parents and new children in order to grow.

Many times, we have felt the sensation that we are meeting together at this point in time, after being intertwined for many lifetimes. We are certain that many of our ancient companions are out there in the world, and we want to find them, along with all the new companions we would love to meet.

This is an invitation.

Come to Damanhur, and while you are here on this magical land, take time to perceive within and sense the signs of a connection that you may already have with this place, with a mission that you could have already chosen, in other points in time and space.

It may be that you will reawaken ancient memories of the past, or perhaps, for the first time, you could discover a world that resonates with your expectations and ideals. In a world that is already real... A world that has been built by everyone's hands and hearts. A world that, today, as always, wants to change for the better.

Destination Damanhur

What we are Proposing

The atmosphere of Damanhur is very special. Here, a mystical and synchronistic field has been created. It has inspired each one of us, as well as thousands of people who have come to visit us over the years.

If you feel that this message is for you, we propose that you spend ten days here with us.

You will live in a Damanhur nucleo community and get involved in the life of the group where you are staying.

You will reflect on yourself and your life, and at the same time, get to know the history and reality of Damanhur. Alongside others, you will participate in research and everyday work. Perhaps you will fall in love with this place and its philosophy. Perhaps you will feel an ancient calling resonating within you, and perhaps you will feel you have found what you have been seeking for a long time. If this is the case and you would like to stay, you may do so, deepening your knowledge of Damanhur and participating in the New Life program.

After these experiences, you will be enriched, and, in addition to knowing more about Damanhur, you will know yourself better!

What we Anticipate

Damanhur is a community in continuous transformation. This statement is one of the basic elements of our philosophy and everyday life. Today, we want this to become even more so, and to do this, we need new energy, new talents, and new visions of the world. We do not anticipate people who simply "join" Damanhur, seeing as how, as always, we do not care to proselytize. What we do want is to call out to people who are active in building a world of peace, creating new ways of living and making dreams come true, constructing Temples dedicated to spirit.

An artistic, creative and innovative spirit is welcome in Damanhur, as well as practical, rational and analytical talents, because there is room for everyone here. The teachings of Falco Tarassaco are an element that unite us all, and they will unite those who come to Damanhur. Falco had always said that Damanhur is a community of individualists, where individual talents are to be expressed in order to grow our collective projects.

The future of Damanhur includes the growth of the Federation of Communities in northern Italy, around the Temples of Humankind. We would also love to see new communities formed in Europe and around the world, ones that develop through new modalities of participation that we have not yet imagined.

Our intention is to maintain our profound values, and at the same time, renewing the way we affirm them in the world. This is the challenge that we want to face, together with you!

If you are interested in learning more, you can write to us