Destination Damanhur

Experience the wisdom and the magic of Damanhur

Destination Damanhur Open Temple

More and more people around the world are asking us to share the essence of our experience, our wisdom and our magic. Many others are interested in exploring the depth of connection that only being in a loving community can give. Others yet want to learn our spiritual techniques and practices to get to know oneself deeply and transform in order to live at our highest potential. Others want to know about our exploration of cosmic forces, the intelligence of nature, Consciousness and the divine.

So, drawing from our 45 years of shared life and spiritual exploration and the 20+ years of experience of our New Life Program, we have created “Lab of Life”, our most comprehensive, adventurous, inspiring residential program yet.

Lab of Life

28 magical days that will take you to the heart of Damanhur’s philosophy, magic and vision and make you connect to the forces of Synchronicity that will support your personal transformation. You will participate in the Ritual of the Full Moon and in one of the Great Seasonal Rituals; spend time in the Temples of Humankind and in the Sacred Woods; discover your artistic talents and the many facets of your personality; feel the depth of your soul and open to new; unexpected insights. You will laugh and play, study and share, feed your body with delicious organic food; your mind with exciting ideas and perspectives; and your soul with beauty and refined spiritual energies.

You will realize who you truly are and your purpose here now.

If you are interested in learning more, you can write to us.


Looking for something different?

You can visit Damanhur and the Temples of Humankind also if you only have a few days at your disposal — or even just a few hours!
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If you wish to enroll in a School or in a seminar, you can check out the schedule of Damanhur Independent University!


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