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At Damanhur, we value diversity among people

Living in community with others from diverse backgrounds brings with it opportunities for tremendous enrichment. You can come to Damanhur whisked away by a mystical idea, fascinated by the social dimension, determined to defend nature, or for many other reasons that will be harmonized with the motivations of others, once you are here. Some people arrive with the idea of making a lifetime choice. Others want to have an intensive experience that is limited to one month, through the Lab of Life program.
The challenge of harmonious coexistence among so many people from different cultures is fascinating. It requires constant adaptation and a robust sense of humor! Many ingredients blend together to create a stable community that is in continuous evolution, capable of renewing itself and able to create a strong sense of overall cohesion. All of these things are important, but the most fundamental ones are: love, respect and reciprocal solidarity.
All citizens, on every level of citizenship, are asked to abstain from smoking as a form of self-control and attention toward oneself and the environment.
The awareness that everyone can offer something unique and valuable to others, that we are all part of a single essence that is one family called Humanity: this is the flame that warms and connects the hearts of all Damanhurians. For this reason, the Four Pillars of Damanhur have the objective to provide useful tools for knowing ourselves and each other, giving space to the expression of individual characteristics and talents.

Resident Citizens

The heart of Damanhur is its resident citizens

Citizens who choose the communitarian formula, also known as "A citizens," reside in large houses shared by nucleo families of between about 15 and 25 people. Couples, couples with children, singles, youth and the elderly live in the same dwelling to allow for the exchange of experiences among various age groups. Everyone has their own private space and shares common areas with others, such as the kitchen, living room, and rooms dedicated to meeting together.
Each Damanhur citizen chooses where and with whom they want to live, according to their preferences and goals, and of course, depending on the possibilities offered by the community houses. Children live with their parents, yet every citizen feels responsibility for their well-being and has a hand in both their care and economic support. The elderly of the community reside in settings suitable to their specific needs, so they may stay in the family with everyone else.
Sharing is extended in many aspects of daily life and occurs on many occasions: during the weekly meetings, where we give and receive support and personal feedback, make decisions and develop projects; in the administration of the community; when handling daily expenses for food, rent, maintenance and management of the house and the land, and so on; also in the distribution of roles that are useful to help maintain a high quality of life.
"A Citizens" elect their representatives in the roles that manage various responsibilities, including the role of head of the family, called the Nucleo Leader or Regent, who holds office for one year. Those with "A citizenship" also participate in and support the activities of the associations that take care of various aspects of community life.
The bonds that are established among people who live in these large family groups are deep and meaningful. The solidarity, trust and mutual support are the ingredients for overcoming potential conflicts that are natural in any kind of shared living experience, together with a sense of humor and good food!

Other Citizens

Keeping a connection to Damanhur anywhere they live

When Damanhur was founded in 1975, the only way to participate was to be a resident citizen, also known as "A citizenship." Over the years, after the first phase of community consolidation, many people began to come who were attracted by different aspects of Damanhurian life and philosophy, but not the aspect of living together in extended families of 20 or more people. At that time, more levels of citizenship were created-referred to as B, C and D-to allow everyone who feels in resonance with the principles and experience of Damanhur to find their place in a social structure that respects different expectations and needs. Like the resident citizens, non-resident citizens participate in all spiritual, artistic and research activities. The majority of them live in the Canavese zone, which are the neighboring areas of the various communities. There are numerous private homes of B, C and D citizens, town apartments and farmsteads, where these citizens live alone or with their families, sometimes even creating community groups that are smaller than those of the Damanhurian communities. Some of the non-resident citizens participate daily in the practical activities of the community, while others do so in different moments, staying connected with the communities and Spiritual Ways for which they feel a strong affinity. There are also non-residents who live in distant cities, in Italy and around the world, who come to Damanhur several times a year and participate, depending on the distance involved and their personal commitments. Many of them are engaged in the creation and management of Damanhur  Centers, where Damanhur instructors go to offer courses, conferences and seminars.

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