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Esoteric Knowledge

Esoteric studies and myth as keys for interpreting life

The teachings of Falco Tarassaco are expressed in many different modalities that touch upon diverse aspects of the meaning of life. Esoteric knowledge is one aspect that strongly characterized the early years of Damanhur's history, and it is still very present today. Falco effectively shifted the focus on secrecy and the occult-which is typical of traditional esoterism-to the ability to recognize the meaning of mythologies that give a positive, purposeful direction to our lives. The Damanhur School of Meditation is defined as an "esoteric school" because it maintains a sense of confidentiality as part of its discipline. In other words, the school's philosophy is that every experience should be experienced directly instead of through words so that it does not risk becoming banal. In the School of Meditation, the symbols of classic esoterism-ritual, divinities, the Grail-are harmoniously integrated into a spiritual pathway to encourage everyone to be more responsible for themselves and their personal power.

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