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The Horus Center opens in 1975 and the shared history begins

The collective history of Damanhurians began in 1975, when the spiritual guide of Damanhur Falco Tarassaco and his first companions founded the Horus Center for Parapsychological and Esoteric Research. The first community project was started in 1977, and it was inaugurated at the end of 1979. There were just a few dozen Damanhurians back then, and every 18 months they elected a government made up of five people, who managed the common resources.The number of citizens increased gradually until 1983, when Falco launched two initiatives: the Game of Life and the Viaggio (a travel journey). These quickly increased the number of Damanhurians and, consequently, the number of residential community houses. At the end of the 1980s, other communities were created alongside the first ones, and the Damanhur Federation of Communities was born. In 1992, with the opening of the Temples of Humankind, Damanhur became known on an international level, which led to another leap in numbers, thereby increasing the presence of citizens from many countries outside of Italy. Over the years, the social and political structure of Damanhur has transformed many times in order to meet its changing needs. Today's federal structure is governed by two to three King Guides elected every six months. Currently, there are 26 nucleo communities distributed over a radius of 12 miles in the Canavese area; while Damanhur Centers, pranatherapy studios, conferences, courses and crafts workshops can be found all over Italy, in several European cities, and in the United States and Japan.

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