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A Federation of spirtual eco-communities open to the world


A clear structure with roles of responsibility

Damanhur has always had a well-defined organizational structure as outlined in a Constitution, or a body of written philosophical principles. This choice was motivated by the belief that the realization of inner freedom by so many people, especially if they come from different cultures, requires a base of shared values and customs that is very clear and easily recognizable.The Constitution is the fundamental charter of the whole Federation, while each community has its own "Regulatory Diary" where there is a record of the history, choices and decisions made.The King Guides are at the head of the federal structure. They are periodically elected and have well-defined responsibilities that entail the administration of the communities and coordination of their development. They communicate about their activities with all of the citizens during weekly meetings. The constant exchange of information with those who hold roles of responsibility allows all citizens to participate in the public affairs of the community. The responsibilities related to the Federation, the Four Pillars, and the communities are many, and nearly all citizens have roles to carry out, whether they are big or small responsibilities. Decisions are made by majority vote, favoring the sharing of opinion expressed through a vote, so everyone ratifies the choices made with their own personal participation.At Damanhur, everything from the Constitution to the political system is constantly subject to verification, because that which is alive is continuously transformed and generates new life. Change is not something to be feared, and the ideal social structure is one that takes its own obsolescence into consideration.The experience of what we have learned about community life and organization at Damanhur are shared in courses and seminars through Damanhur Welcome and University programs.

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