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A Federation of spirtual eco-communities open to the world


To change ourselves, we need the help of others

In Damanhur philosophy, you become aware that you need others when you really want to change yourself and the environment around you.The choice to live in community is motivated by the desire to grow spiritually, which happens when the sharp edges of our character and our habits are blunted through connection with others.For this reason, Damanhur is based on constantly relating with people: the community, the collective pathways of Meditation, and the experiences of many kinds of groups with different objectives. All of this animates life in the Federation of Communities. In the teachings of Damanhur founder Falco Tarassaco, the community, study groups and research groups are useful for achieving practical goals, but they are also the best way to smooth out our flaws and develop our deep talents, to progress toward reawakening the divine spark in each one of us. In forty years of living together, Damanhurians have created an extremely practical dream: a spiritual eco-community where 600 people live, whose relations are inspired by solidarity, sense of responsibility, play, humor and creativity.Constant action, trust in others, and the spirit of service in all of the roles that we hold are other basic elements of Damanhur social philosophy.Community means "union between individuals," which signifies valuing individual personalities through our thoughts and common actions. The most precious thing in Damanhur is its people, because it is only through the diversity of each individual that we can have such a rich and colorful, varied and complex world.

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