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Roles and Institutions

A precise organization with clear roles and responsibilities

Since the community was founded, Damanhurians have chosen to have a well-organized community structure with democratically elected representatives and a clear distribution of responsibilities and roles. Leaders are accountable to the citizens for the work that they carry out.

Nucleo Leader and Regent

Once a year, every nucleo or "nucleo community" (the difference between the two is related to the level of cohesiveness among its members and the roles that are carried out by the nucleo for Damanhur) elects their Nucleo Leader or Regent, respectively. This person coordinates the activities of the group-from managing the household and its budgets and expenditures to coordinating meetings and communications within the group and with other groups at Damanhur. The Nucleo Leader or Regent is elected based on a program, and the person in this role is not the "boss" of the community, but rather is responsible for encouraging everyone in the group to be actively contributing to overall common goals. The Leader or Regent is also responsible for coordinating the resolution of problems that arise over time. The ability to delegate tasks and to involve everyone in managing activities is seen as a positive quality, rather than working alone and being very efficient, but too much of an individualist. At the end of each term, the Leader or Regent goes through an evaluation process where all members of the nucleo community give feedback. A positive or negative evaluation is expressed by each member offering either a white or black stick of wood.


Nucleo communities that share similar objectives or are geographically near each other are united to form a "region." Every region considers itself to be a metaphorical spaceship voyaging through space and seeking new territories, and so, it is guided by a "Captain." The Captain of a region has similar tasks to those of a Nucleo Leader or Regent. A Captain remains in office for the same length of time (one year) and at the end of the term, goes through a similar evaluation process. Captains, Regents and Nucleo Leaders actively cooperate and support each other in their respective roles.

King Guides

The Kind Guides are the highest level of coordinators in Damanhur for the central "government." Two citizens fill this role for a term of six months, after which they may be re-elected. Their task is to set a general direction for Damanhur based on the values of the Constitution and considering all requests and situations presented by the regions, nucleo communities and single citizens. Every two years, they write a Letter of Intentions with indications for the program of the subsequent period. This letter inspires the work of all Damanhurians, including the future King Guides, even if other citizens are elected to fill this role. The King Guides are elected by all members of the Damanhur School of Meditation, as their role is considered spiritual in nature, even though it involves many social and political assessments. For certain periods of time, the School of Meditation may decide to appoint three King Guides instead of two.

College of Justice

The College of Justice verifies that all the initiatives of the other elected bodies are aligned with the principles of the Constitution. It also serves in an arbitration role when unresolved issues between citizens arise and outside intervention is needed. The College of Justice also keeps a record of the Individual Laws, or the guidelines that each citizen chooses for themselves and their personal development. The College is comprised of three members and is elected once a year.

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