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Social Organization
Quality of Life

Seeking a state of wellbeing for all citizens

During Damanhur's 40-year history, the citizens' quality of life has improved dramatically. Today, the community has many hundreds of acres of land, dozens of eco-friendly homes, abundant services and facilities that can accommodate citizens and guests, vital businesses, organic farming, renewable energy in every community, the Damanhur School for children, a center for integrative medicine and many other aspects that make life rich and varied.
Solidarity, sharing and the industriousness of Damanhurians are the values that have enabled this richness to grow for the benefit of all. At Damanhur, supporting those in difficulty is a core value, as well as supporting the elderly, children and pregnant women. Every citizen is guaranteed a high standard of care, regardless of the type of activity that he carries out or the state assistance he receives. The entire community supports children in their travels, because education is valued and supported by everyone.
The health care system offers many possibilities and allows everyone to choose how to care for themselves. Alongside traditional Damanhurian therapies...pranatherapy, gentle therapies, natural medicine, to name a few...there is a clinic where several doctors work (the majority of whom are Damanhur citizens) and where many specialized services are provided for Damanhurians, as well as patients from nearby towns.
We believe that a solid, organized community provides a significant contribution to the social well being of an area. It contributes to improving the quality of life of those both inside and outside the community.

Elected Bodies

Many elected roles for collectively running the community

Damanhurians are probably the European citizens who vote most often! In addition to Italian and European elections, Damanhur holds its own elections as well.
Every six months, the citizens vote for the King Guides, the highest office in the social sector. The King Guides are responsible for coordinating the activities and development of the entire Federation. Each year, the College of Justice is elected as well. This is the second most important role. Their task is to ensure that the principles of the Constitution are respected, disputes between citizens are resolved, and the work of the various roles and institutions are verified.
In every nucleo community, elections are held once a year for the caponucleo, or regent. This is the person who coordinates community life from the perspective of social relationships, organization and the implementation of various community projects. Also, given the vastness of Damanhur, in each distinct area where several nucleo communities are grouped together and identified as a region, a Captain is elected yearly by members of those various communities.
The leaders of the pillars - the School of Meditation, the Game of Life and Tecnarcalato - are appointed by the Sages, individuals chosen by Falco Tarassaco before he passed away in 2013. The role of the Sages is to continue what Falco did when he was alive: oversee the general direction of Damanhur and continue to nurture the dream that has always inspired us.


A constantly renewed charter of values

The Constitution of Damanhur was made to evolve over time, according to a precise philosophical vision: to create a community that can sustain itself with ever-increasing individual awareness, with less and less need for laws and regulations.
The first draft of the Constitution was written in 1981, and it contained more than 130 articles. After many iterations, the current version of only 15 articles describes the fundamental life principles upon which the Federation of Communities is founded.
Among these principles, the most important ones are: positive thinking about others, continuous inner transformation, solidarity and respect for all citizens, always giving someone another chance, and caretaking the environment and all forms of life.
The Constitution bans smoking, drug use and any form of excess behavior that can harm ourselves and others. Damanhurians abide by these guidelines as a lifestyle choice, and all guests who visit Damanhur are asked to respect these rules while present here.
Click here to read the Damanhur Consitution

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