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Traveling the world to create movement within

The “Viaggio”—or, “journey”— is a trip that can last a weekend or a much longer, in which Damanhurians travel aboard large recreational vehicles (RVs) throughout Italy and Europe, creating an itinerant mini-community.

During a Viaggio, Damanhurians who do not normally live or work together choose to share a living space, schedules and tasks in an atypical situation. This allows them to not only get to know one other but to also discover new aspects of themselves.

A group of knowledgeable “Viaggiatori” (travelers) who are experienced in guiding groups offer support to travelers and help to define objectives. Usually, the Viaggio is for reflecting and meditating on crucial issues related to Damanhur as a whole. Upon their return, the travelers share with the rest of the community their conclusions, which have been obtained in an environment outside of the normal routines and ways of thinking. At the same time, the Viaggio is a perfect opportunity for personal growth, to overcome habits and discover new aspects of ourselves that might normally be overlooked.

The first Viaggio events started with Falco Tarassaco in 1983 and brought big changes to Damanhur, as well as many newly arriving citizens. With the same spirit, Viaggio experiences also take place in the Sacred Woods and other locations at Damanhur. Many people participate in these excursions, including temporary citizens in the New Life program.  


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