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Weekly Meetings

Meetings to discuss, study, and elaborate together

Community life, by definition, is a constellation of interactions and viewpoints. At Damanhur, every nucleo community, region, and School of Meditation group (spiritual ways and research groups) has regular weekly or monthly meetings, where everyone shares personal experiences and follows the progress of common projects.

Every Thursday, there is a meeting that involves all of Damanhur:

This is an encounter that is organized in two parts. The first, conducted by the King Guides, is dedicated to all the various practical, social and economic themes, so that the King Guides and other community leaders have opportunities to discuss, exchange perspectives and agree on solutions to topics that are important to the entire community.

The second part of the meeting is dedicated to spiritual themes and research topics related to the teachings of Damanhur's founder Falco Tarassaco and the experiences of Damanhurians. This part of the meeting was conducted by Falco until he passed, and it is now conducted by his students in the Theoretic Group, a group of Damanhur scholars dedicated to studying and elaborating on Falco's teachings.

These meetings are open to the public and are broadcast live on the Internet.

Whatever our dreams and challenges may be, we all have a divine spark to reawaken.
We sincerely hope our connection can help you do just that.

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