Research and Experimentation

Research and experimentation help us to understand life

A Wider Reality
Techniques and Practices

Techniques for increasing self-awareness

Over the years, research at Damanhur has produced many effective and original techniques for expanding one's inner awareness, as well as that of the reality that surrounds us. A sampling of these techniques, which have been refined from the beginning of the community until today, are: Inner Harmonization, Hypnosis, Mediumship and Astral Travel. There is also a wide field of experimentation around the themes of Spiritual Physics, with courses on reawakening the Inner Senses, using Time Seeds, knowing and managing our Inner Personalities, exploring the Microlines, and many others. These techniques are taught through Damanhur University.
The Temples of Humankind are utilized as an important laboratory for research and exploration of the energies within and outside of ourselves, through study programs in the fields of Spiritual Healing, Alchemy, Rituality, Contact with the Cosmos and Art.
The land where Damanhur is located has very interesting characteristics from an energetic point of view. It is located at the meeting point of four Synchronic Lines, which create ideal conditions that are conducive to subtle experimentation in the field of vital energies. One such ongoing experiment is the construction of Spirals, or patterns traced along the ground with river stones, which can be found throughout the property at Damanhur. Their power is enlivened when a person walks along the entire length of this pathway at a slow pace. The spiral acts as a kind of "energetic greenhouse." When you enter it, you receive a re-balancing of your subtle energy fields, a restoration of well-being to the aura and a cleansing of your sensory channels.
Following the same principle, labyrinths have been created on the grounds of Damanhur. These are also traced with river rocks in forms inspired by a spiral shape. The various and sometimes highly complex forms of the labyrinths serve specific purposes: to draw inspiration from dreams and learn how to guide them, to amplify perception of the fabric of time in which we are immersed, to improve some physiological functions, and so on. The spirals and labyrinths are not considered a science-not yet, anyway-but while we are researching exact equations to explain them, Damanhur citizens and visitors alike can nonetheless enjoy the effective results of walking them.


Catch and read the signs that life sends us

The use of divination practices is an area of research that many Damanhurians are dedicated to, both in their daily lives and as one of the activities that is offered to the public. Divination practices are systems that use a pre-established code to "read" a particular situation in a more expanded way, compared to how we would be able to read it with the information at our disposal. There are many different kinds of divination systems: tarot, runes, books such as the I Ching; original Damanhurians methods include, among others: the reading of the Seven Stones, the Book of Synchronicity and the Bral Talej cards. Falco Tarassaco himself is the creator of two different tarot decks.
Contrary to popular belief, divination practices are not for "seeing into the future." They are for gaining elements to reflect upon in order to make decisions in the best way. Divination can be a valuable element in choosing a personal path to follow, but individual responsibility is always the first element in creating your own future.
In Damanhur, beyond the individual ways of divination that every citizen uses, including the creation of personal systems, there are also moments of collective divination, in particular on May 29th, the spiritual birthday of the Popolo, and on September 1st, Damanhurian New Years. In early spring there is also the Divination of the Lamb, in which the movements of a young sheep in a large field are interpreted.
Damanhurian divination practices are offered to the public during many of the moments that are open to visitors, and it is also the subject of courses at Damanhur Welcome and University.

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