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Border Energies

Evident phenomena that science can't (yet) explain

Border energies are all of the forces living between our dimension (related to perception through our five senses and physical evidence) and a purely spiritual reality. Examples of border energies are prana, entities, telepathic communication and poltergeists (or spirit forms). These are all phenomena that can be sensed through personal perception—sometimes even physically—but are not yet measurable by objective methods.

In the Damanhurian vision, all extrasensory phenomena are just as natural as phenomena that are already explained by science. Simply stated, science and technology have not yet been able to understand and investigate how to measure certain kinds of energies. One of the challenges in this arena is that human perception strongly influences the phenomena being studied. It can be said that border energies also respond to "precise" laws, but with a number of variables so elevated that, currently, it is difficult to collect objective data. In the future, many of these energies will probably be the subject of scientific discoveries.

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