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Ongoing transformation as a basic element of life

Change, seen as a perpetual transformation, is a fundamental element of Damanhurian philosophy. Careful observation of life teaches us that everything continually transforms-from ephemeral beings to ancient mountains. Life requires human beings to transform and accept change, not with a fear of loss but rather to cultivate one's capacity to enrich oneself and others through change.

Respect for others, being true to one's word and remaining trustworthy are elements of positive transformation, in which every achievement and success is also a departure point toward a new objective.

To keep dreams pure and to honor commitments, it is essential to adapt while keeping the overall "picture" fresh and new, so that ideals prevail over habitual behavior and nothing is taken for granted.

Whatever our dreams and challenges may be, we all have a divine spark to reawaken.
We sincerely hope our connection can help you do just that.

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