Research and Experimentation

Research and experimentation help us to understand life

Foundation Crea Ricerca
Current Experimentation

A communitywide social experiment

Research is currently being conducted in the field of Selfica, subtle energies, communication with the plant world, as well as the creation of methane gas through fermentation of freshwater algae, and the cultivation of myoblast animal cells (for example, from the muscle tissue of cattle) for human nutrition. Recently the Foundation has also conducted research on hydroponic and aeroponic cultivation, polymorphisms on the level of DNA and RNA as a form of preventative healthcare, and various other fields related to the metabolism of complex molecules.
In the nutrition sector, Damanhur is collaborating with the A. Geisser Piedmont Observatory of Fruit Farming and the City of Vidracco. Together, we are working on selecting and reintroducing apple trees with fruit that is particularly suitable for the production of cider; these trees were once common to the Northern Canavese area but have died off.
Damanhur is essentially a communitywide social experiment, so it is an ideal "laboratory" in which to conduct both theoretical and practical investigations. According to Damanhurian principles, every experiment should have a practical realization that is useful to the community.
Sharing research is another important point in the context of the Foundation. This is carried out through participation in scientific, environmental and juridical conferences, which the Academy of Equilibrium regularly organizes at the Damanhur Crea Conference Center.
Currently, the foundation holds patents on polymorphisms and saliva and the in vitro cultivation of animal cells.

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