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An ancient concept interpreted in a new way by Falco

The concept of the Grail can be found in different forms throughout many religious, spiritual and esoteric traditions and mythologies. Throughout human history, the Grail has been referred to as a "stone," "shield," "spear," and "chalice." In cultures of Christian origin, it is widely known as the chalice at the Last Supper that contained the blood of Christ.

In Damanhur philosophy, the Grail is a mysterious force that exists between our earthly dimension and others. It is powerful, benevolent, absolutely independent and can materialize among human beings to offer them the possibility of spiritual elevation.

Falco Tarassaco's vision suggests that the theme of change is inherent in the form of the Grail. According to Falco, in our current era, the symbol of the Grail is no longer a chalice (or a container for measuring and distributing energy) but rather it is "illness." In this sense, we do not define “illness” in the medical sense in terms of pathology or disease, but rather as an element that signals to every individual the need for and the possibility of realizing an evolutionary step forward through an imbalance that can be restored. In this way, illness is the herald announcing the passage of this extremely important force, which speaks to every human (not just a select few).

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