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Pranatherapy for physical and spiritual wellness

At Damanhur, there is a training school for Spiritual Healers offered by Damanhur University. Damanhurian Spiritual Healers practice a discipline called prana-practice, also known as pranatherapy. With this discipline, the healer opens an energy channel through which the client can access vital prana in the atmosphere. Vital prana is pure, universal energy that brings the overall spirit of the person back into equilibrium. This, in turn, helps the individual to be in a strong, balanced condition and ready to engage in a healing path along with other appropriate therapies (which pranatherapy never interferes with). The Spiritual Healer is trained through the Healers School to activate this energy channel and help others raise their awareness of the value of healing. In Damanhurian philosophy, healing is not only to overcome an illness; it is to become aware of who we are and take responsibility for our own well being. The Healers School is inspired by the teachings of Falco Tarassaco, who worked as a healer since the first years of Damanhur and personally oversaw the training of the first Spiritual Healers.

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