Research and Experimentation

Research and experimentation help us to understand life


Damanhur is based on continuous research for new solutions

In the 1970s in Turin, Italy, Falco Tarassaco and other founders of Damanhur participated in research groups that explored the vast field of paranormal phenomena. From both individual and collective experimentation on extrasensory faculties, the research gradually evolved, leading to the creation of the School of Meditation and the first Damanhur community.Community life has always been a privileged field of research at Damanhur. Exploring ways of cohabitation, of organization and governance, the critical numbers of a group, the relationship between the space and time that a community occupies - the citizens at Damanhur are constantly observing and reflecting on these themes. So, it's no coincidence that the social structure of Damanhur, from the first community to the current Federation, has changed numerous times in response to both the practical needs and the role of social experimentation that characterize Damanhur.Selfica is one of the first areas of research developed by Falco Tarassaco. From the beginning of Damanhur, Falco shared his knowledge in this field with other collaborators, and he extended the investigation of Selfica into painting and pranatherapy, through Pranoself.Another branch of research that has been very active since the early years is communication with the plant world. Music of the Plants is the most internationally well-known area of research in the field of plant perception. In order to better carry out the research that requires an academic setting and protocols, Damanhur created the Foundation Crea Ricerca. The work of the Foundation covers many different areas of research, including the creation of patents for extracting saliva DNA to determine predisposition to genetic diseases, and the production of in vitro animal protein for nutritional purposes.

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