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Walking in nature to expand perception

The Labyrinths at Damanhur are pathways within nature marked by stones. Walking inside of these pathways helps to develop a deep contact with the energies of the land, which in turn make the energy of the person particularly active and alive. The Labyrinths are mainly found at Damjl and in the Sacred Woods Temple. The first Labyrinths were created in a field, with the intention of creating pathways that are focused on specific effects: increasing positive thinking, stimulating dreams, helping digestion, aiding memory, and so on.

The Labyrinths of the Sacred Woods Temple twist and turn through the plant life, following the contours of the earth. These Labyrinths facilitate a deep connection between us and nature. In this way, they facilitate intuitions, inspirations and greater self-awareness.

While inside the Labyrinths, you simply walk at a steady pace, letting yourself be guided by instinct when faced with a fork in the path. The first moving meditations date back to experiments conducted by Damanhurians in Viaggio in 1983, when they began working on the amplification of sensory perceptions and resolution of small discomforts.

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