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A network that connects everyone to universal laws

During pregnancy, birth and the early years of life, an energetic network is formed in each individual. These are called Microlines; thoughts, influences and impulses flow through them. Many healing schools speak about "meridians" and "sensitivity points" on the human body. According to the teachings of Falco Tarassaco, there is an even more complex system, and it conveys connections between the individual and the laws that govern life in the universe.

Microlines are formed in a specific way in accordance with the physical places where an individual lived during his or her early stages of life, by one’s social environment, and by the life of the child on a practical and emotional level. Over the years, the Microlines stabilize and become one of the elements of the individual's character.

Microlines are comparable to the network of Synchronic Lines, because both are systems through which energies connected to thoughts and emotions flow.

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