Research and Experimentation

Research and experimentation help us to understand life

Mother Worlds

The foundational worlds of life, yet to be reunited

According to the vision of Falco Tarassaco, the foundation of the universe and everything in it is represented by Mother Worlds. The world of human beings, the world of the plant kingdom, and the world of nature spirits are considered Mother Worlds.

Currently, the Mother Worlds do not have enough points of contact among them. This less-than-optimal condition impedes the highest realization of the design of our universe; namely, the "divinization of matter," or the full participation of all existing forms in their divine nature.

The unification of the three worlds, their merging, is a fundamental objective for the universe. For this reason, communication with the plant world, the Music of the Plants, and Tree Orientation are important areas of research at Damanhur.

Since the Mother Worlds are not in direct communication with each other, exchange between them takes place through Echo Worlds, formed by "resonances" from the Mother Worlds.

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