Research and Experimentation

Research and experimentation help us to understand life


The exploration of new pathways for discovery and growth

At Damanhur, we consider ourselves to be a Popolo of artists and researchers in a broad sense, which extends to every aspect of existence because life is a field of continuous exploration. In Damanhur, elevating the spirit does not mean distancing ourselves from matter, but rather making every form "divine." To do so, we need to give meaning to every action completed and every object produced, adding value to each expression.So, research and experimentation is a way of life. The goal is not only in the final results but in the process of exploring new paths. It also means trying new ways to do what you already know and opening roads that are off the beaten track in all areas: spiritual, social, cultural, healing, self-awareness, in connection with every aspect of life.All acquired knowledge becomes a foundation for future expansion, constantly expanding horizons and going beyond the notion of stopping at a certain destination. So, research may be expressed as a way of life and as a continual expansion of experience. In this way, its intrinsic value is increased far beyond being just a method of operation or a simple tool to obtain a result."Searching for a lifetime" doesn't mean that you never find what you are looking for, but rather that you are always finding things. Every day Damanhurians discover new results, which encourages them to seek and experiment even more. In coherence with this principle, they live with openness to continuous change, without the fear of losing anything but with the certainty of always gaining new perspectives.

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