Research and Experimentation

Research and experimentation help us to understand life

Science and Spirituality

Special energies for extraordinary experimentation

Contemporary science has shown that the base of matter is not material, but merely interactions among resonant energies. At the quantum level, atoms are not composed of physical particles, but rather vortices of energy that are in relation to one another. So, everything in the universe exists in an interconnected field of energy. What's more, every living being and material object in the universe emits and receives energy, and is continuously in relationship with everyone and everything else.
The energies present in the Selfs are living "border" energies, which can live among different dimensions. Building a Selfic structure is much like providing a "body" for use by the Self. The intelligence of the Self is the particular energy that manages the physical part of the structure. The interaction between the Selfs and individuals is always based on reciprocal benefit. For this reason, the Selfs can be considered specialists in symbiosis.
The Selfs select conditions that are useful for physical life or for the development of personal human potential. They connect to our energy fields through the "microlines," or energy lines in the body. The Self's intelligent energy selects, harmonizes and amplifies the most useful energy frequencies to perform the function for which it was built.
In exchange, the Selfica intelligence goes through an interesting experience given that they can participate in a sector of space-time that is characterized by a different relationship of laws from their place of origin. The largest Selfic structure on planet Earth resides in the Temples of Humankind, the great underground work of art built by Damanhurians.

Experiences with Selfs

Relating with a living object that tunes into your frequency

Selfica is a field of constant experimentation. Years of research have resulted in the basic forms that are now created and sold at the Sel Et studio on the grounds of Damanhur. Other unique Selfica structures with various levels of complexity and functionality are used for experiments in many different fields of exploration, such as wellness, amplifying perceptions, personal development, and contact with conscious beings from other dimensions.
Many Selfs are for personal use - particularly the ones that can be worn as jewelry - because they enter into resonance with the specific energy frequency of the person wearing them; consequently, they are not effective for other individuals. The Selfs normally "tune" themselves to the user within half an hour, just by the person wearing them in the appropriate way. In some cases, the Self needs to be connected to the person using their name and birth date.
Because every Self adapts to the energy field of the person using it, if worn regularly, it will change shape over time. Showing a "trace" of the user's energy field is a sign that the Self is functioning properly.
Another area of Damanhur research connected to Selfica is "Selfic painting." With this art technique, intelligent energies are conveyed through two-dimensional shapes based on symbols and colors. Metals are often used in "classic" Selfica; they are translated into color, and their usual three dimensions are reduced to two in the process.
An extraordinary exhibition of Selfic paintings is on permanent display at the Niatel Art Gallery in Damanhur Crea. The paintings remain active through light and the attention of those who observe them. The colors, shapes and symbols are alive, animated and in constant transformation. They project signals and information into the environment and toward the observers. The key to interpreting these paintings lies in precise combination of the form and its title. Each title enriches the image with the poetry that profoundly touches the heart, mind and soul.

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