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A dynamic exercise to maintain energetic balance

In many of the wide, open areas around Damanhur, spiral formations have been created in the landscape. Inside these spirals, energy balancing sessions—or, dynamic meditations—are performed, along with the expansion of perceptions. During this exercise, the person walking the spiral receives a kind of massage to their vital aura and expanded awareness. As a result of the interactions among the shape of the spiral, forces present in the environment and the directed thoughts of those who use them, each spiral accumulates a sphere of energy that acts in correspondence with the movements of the individual walking within it. Sometimes spirals are part of more complex Labyrinth pathways, and sometimes they are separate.

The spiral is one of the basic “themes” of life, and this shape occurs in the microcosm as well as the macrocosm. It can be found in everything from biology to cosmology, from our fingerprints to the position of our galaxy’s celestial bodies. It is a geometry that can recall, accumulate and redistribute energy.

In the 1980s, the first Damanhurian spirals were made with stones to trace their paths, in order to use the capacity of minerals to retain memory, which helps to keep the energetic “sphere” of the spiral stable. In recent years, thanks to the experiences with Selfica, spirals have also been created with ropes and with water flows.

Although they belong to different fields of research, the analogies between Selfica and spirals are many, beginning with the basic form. It is believed that each spiral tends to take on its own personality after some time, as if it is harboring a living creature, just as the Selfs do.

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