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Ambassadors are "Damanhurians with a suitcase." These individuals travel around the world to share the experiences of Damanhur and the teachings of Falco Tarassaco. In many countries, they have established relationships with other holistic organizations that regularly host conferences, courses and activities related to Damanhur.
Each ambassador concentrates on a specific geographic location, where they visit regularly and gradually create a network of friends. Ambassadors carry out activities such as School of Meditation courses, updates on events at Damanhur, and training courses at Damanhur University. One of the most successful initiatives that the ambassadors have organized in recent years is related to tree orientation.
Ambassadors are currently working in Croatia, France, Germany, Japan, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Spain, the United States and Canada. One of their objectives is to assist in creating Damanhur Centers where there are events and activities with the participation of other Damanhurians, to offer a more complete experience and teaching in all fields.


Places of study and research in Damanhurian disciplines

Damanhur Centers are places of activity, research and the dissemination of information related to Damanhur. They are places where courses, seminars, School of Meditation groups and other activities are held. The subject matter of the specific activities offered depends on the characteristics of the local area. Centers could feature activities about agriculture, arts and crafts, volunteering, and so on. Since the opening of the first historic Damanhur Center in Turin, Italy, a common feature of all Damanhur Centers is offering studies of Pranatherapy and Holistic Medicine.
Damanhur, in fact, first developed through the structure of these Centers. In 1975, when we dreamed of creating our first community, there were already a few Centers established in the main cities of Piedmont, Italy. Today, Damanhur Centers are located throughout Italy, in some European countries and even in a few far away places such as Japan. In many cases, members of these centers are Damanhur citizens who reside abroad; they are called "non-resident citizens."
Some Centers have developed special initiatives in their areas. For example, members of the Damanhur Center in Florence, Italy have a large olive grove in the area of Rimaggio, which produces organic, cold-pressed olive oil. The Damanhur Center in Modena, Italy is dedicated to organizing the Conacreis National Festival, while the Damanhur Center in Zagreb, Croatia has launched a publishing business for Damanhurian books-all in Croatian, of course.

Where to find Damanhur

Centers and Events around the world



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If you would like to host a Damanhurian conference or a particular course where you live, please write to us for more information.

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