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Since the beginning, Damanhur has given attention to research, as well as exchange and dialogue about varied experiences. The first association was founded in September 1975, and it's not by chance that it was called the Horus Center for Research and Information. In the past 40 years, life at Damanhur has been characterized by continuous transformation. In its first years, there was a great impetus for the creation of common culture and ethics. Then, with increasing citizenship came an increasingly evident openness to the world through the growth of activities in various fields of work, volunteering and political engagement in municipal administrations.Since the early years of the community, Damanhur Centers were created in Italy to serve as places for conferences, courses and other activities. The number of centers grew and gradually expanded throughout Europe, as well as to the United States and Japan.At the same time, in the Canavese area of Italy (surrounding Damanhur), several companies began to join in the circulation of the Credito, so this Damanhurian complementary currency system became another way to share our economic model.In 1992, the opening of the Temples of Humankind made Damanhur renowned throughout the world.Through a network of connections that has been created over the past four decades, thousands of people come to visit Damanhur and the Temples every year.In 2005, the Global Human Settlements Forum of the United Nations (UN) officially recognized Damanhur as a model of a sustainable society.

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