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How to Collaborate
The Options

The options to collaborate with Damanhur

Another way to collaborate with Damanhur is to offer a facility or private space-an office, your home or a community center, for example-in which to open a Damanhur Center. This space would be used to periodically host Damanhur instructors and healers, who will graciously come and facilitate the activities that you request.
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Once you get to know us, you may decide to become part of the Popolo Spirituale. This will help you to maintain an ideological and energetic connection with Damanhur.
Another option would be to spend time doing work exchange in our communities through the WWOOF program.
And of course, you are always welcome to propose other ideas, initiatives and suggestions about how to stay connected!

Participate in a Dream

Support the Temple of Peoples project

The Temple of Peoples will be a project that is one-of-a-kind in the world for its environmental and cultural characteristics. In Italy it is quite common to use old abandoned quarries as landfills for inert materials or to fill them with water and use them as ponds for so-called "sport fishing." Damanhurians would like to dream together with others who feel called to do so, about a project that combines the idea of respectful environmental recuperation of the surrounding woods with the construction of spaces dedicated to engagement and exchange with cultures around the world. A space in which to communicate through art or expositions of typical artifacts from many indigenous traditions, a place to share perspectives about a myriad of topics and plan initiatives in the name of mutual respect and benefit.
There will be invaluable technical reflections about the materials to be used and the design solutions, as well as proposals and suggestions for contacts with representatives of peoples from all continents. Equally important will be bureaucratic experiences that could help in correctly establishing a project, one that could become a flagship for the public administrations called to speak out about such an unusual realization. It will also be helpful to receive economic contributions from all who would like to participate, albeit at a distance, with support for the construction costs of the Temple of Peoples. When the project is ready to go, we will share on this website and through other information channels about how to participate in an international fundraiser.

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