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Lab of Life Program

Experience the wisdom and the magic of Damanhur

The Lab of Life is our most comprehensive experiential program ever, created in collaboration with Damanhur Education n.g.o. It's 28 days full of magic, community, knowledge, fun, sacredness, nature, love, synchronicity, art, laughter, friendship, yummy organic Italian food, energy, transformation, awe, and surprises… Drawing from over 20 years of experience with our famous New Life Program, this residential Program is a profound journey into your own spiritual and human potential, with the support of the unique energies, sacred places and wisdom of Damanhur. If you are seeking a transformation and a deeper understanding of who you are; if you want to find yourself in the eyes of others and experience connection like you never thought possible, immersed in the spiritual energies of one of the most renowned communities in the world, this is for you.


Learn to recognize, guide and enjoy the different parts of your personality and the complexity of your soul.
In the week of the Full Moon, discover the power of community, ritual and the cosmos, creating a sacred bond with Nature.
Go deep inside yourself, working with the powerful energies of Great Rituals. Embrace the dance of the life force in you.
Welcome the unexpected, connecting to your Higher Self and finding your unique purpose.
See you in the Lab of Life.

The Popolo Spirituale

The birth of a new Popolo of spiritual researchers

In an era when not only animal and plant species are disappearing, but also entire popoli (peoples) are dying out-and with them an enormous cultural, linguistic and social heritage-Damanhur has chosen to create a Popolo with its own philosophical, artistic, social and cultural expression.
Our intention is to create a worldwide intentional popolo that promotes basic human values and fundamental ethical principles. Despite the trend of destruction of many kinds of life on the planet, we believe that it is possible to save life on earth, through a deep union of humanity and respect for the ancestral bonds with our earth.
Membership in the Popolo Spirituale is open to all spiritual seekers who want to serve as points of light on the planet. Many people who take part in the Popolo do not live at Damanhur but they identify with our intentions and goals.
Being a part of the Popolo means appreciating and valuing the diversity expressed in different cultures, art and spiritual faith. It means creating models of life based on respect, solidarity and love, and moving toward a common goal: the reawakening of humanity and deep union with all the forms of life that exist around us.
Becoming a member of the Popolo involves a simple ceremony that takes place at Damanhur. From that day forward, all it takes on your part is one minute every day to maintain your connection to the Popolo. Every new moon there is a celebration called "Damanhur Get" that is reserved to members of the Popolo. Being part of the Popolo Spirituale offers a connection to like-minded people all over the world, and a way to stay connected to the synchronic energies of Damanhur and the Temples of Humankind. At any time, you can decide to cease the connection by discontinuing this practice. It's that simple, and that powerful.

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