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Damanhur has a presence in many Italian and international cities with centers and embassies, through which anyone can learn more about Damanhur's experience gained in the fields of social life, spirituality, research, sustainability, health and more. Some Damanhurian "ambassadors" devote their time to visiting different countries, and responding to invitations to present Damanhurian teachings and initiatives at other communities and centers around the world. Damanhur is also a member of various national and international collaborative networks, including Conacreis (National Coordination of Associations and Communities of Ethical Spiritual Research), Rive (the Italian Ecovillage Network) and Gen (Global Ecovillage Network).From these contacts, initiatives have been launched, such the Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) course, organized in collaboration with Gaia Education. "Origin" is a research project on renewable energy that involves the communities of Findhorn (UK), Tamera (Portugal) and Damanhur, according to an EU protocol. And the course, "How to Create a Successful Community," proposed by the Damanhur University, is available to anyone who wishes to learn from our experience in doing just that.Damanhur University offers three-year programs for study and training in many of the fields that characterize Damanhur: health and healing, art, community life, research in spiritual physics and alchemy, and much more.The New Life program, which offers "temporary" citizenship at Damanhur, is open to anyone who wants to experience three months of community living, including being integrated into all of Damanhur's activities.Through the School of Meditation, anyone who is interested in exploring the subject of spirituality may do so by participating in one of the many groups that meet in various cities-both in Italy and in other countries. It is also possible to attend an international group that meets at Damanhur for a few days every three months.Many years ago, the political movement "Con Te, per il Paese" (With you, for the country) was launched in Damanhur. This movement coordinates the participation of Damanhurians, and those who share a vision, in activities of politics and local administration. Political involvement began as a natural consequence of a fundamental Damanhurian principle: we must take care of the world in which we live.Damanhurians identify themselves as a Popolo Spirituale (Spiritual People), open to all who feel a resonance with the values and principles that inspire life in Damanhur.

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