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A federation of communities open to dialog and exchange

Damanhur is a Federation of Communities that is open to exchange and dialogue with people around the world: from the land where the community was first established-the Valchiusella, a fertile valley north of Turin, Italy-to Damanhur Centers in Italy and in other countries, such as Japan and the United States. Damanhurians are present and active in many different fields, from volunteering and civic roles in municipal administration, to participation in networks that promote new ways to come together socially and culturally, such as Gen, Rive and Conacreis-wherever there is opportunity for exchange, solidarity and collaboration. We believe in openly sharing what we have experienced and learned over the years, and we love to discover new visions of reality that can enrich our own.One of the principles of Damanhur is not to proselytize. We are not interested in growing exponentially as a community, or in convincing people that we are holders of the truth.Damanhur demonstrates a model of living that involves participation and responsibility for those who are part of the community. Citizens choose to participate in a way that is suitable for each person, and only after really getting to know each other well. All visitors to Damanhur are welcome to engage in many of the activities without having to live in the communities of the Federation. For those who are very interested, it is possible to participate in different levels of citizenship, which allows any individual to gradually deepen their knowledge of community life.Our philosophy is one of action. Whenever we have the chance, we prefer to express our solidarity with others through direct and practical support, in addition to supporting campaigns to raise awareness about environmental, humanitarian and social issues.

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