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Damanhur Education

A contribution to sustainable development

The social, promotional association, "Damanhur Education", works to create, develop and spread education, at a national and international level, for environmental sustainability, the culture of respect and the social model of eco-villages. Its initiatives are based on a holistic and spiritual vision of the individual and of life, including the development of networks for collaboration and sustainable development.
Over the years, Damanhur Education has promoted initiatives aimed at school-age children, in collaboration with Greenpeace, with the NGO Re.Te., with the FEE and other entities, to raise awareness among young people towards a love of nature, in a dimension that includes attention to the environment and its rights as well as solidarity towards other human beings, from the relationship with which important initiatives can be born in favor of a good quality of life for all. Between 2005 and 2015, Damanhur Education supported the construction of a school on the island of Mancarroncito, in Lake Cocibolca, Nicaragua, now twinned with the Damanhur school.
Damanhur Education is currently responsible for the twinning between Damanhur and the Senegalese village of Guedé Chantier, facilitating courses with Ecovillage Design Education and Damanhur's participation in the RefuGEN mission, a GEN initiative for refugees.
Its representatives actively participate in national and international exchange networks, with a vision that is global and at the same time enhances all the riches in terms of resources and experience that come from the local territory.

International Events

Actively bringing community action to the world stage

Here are just a few:
"A Symphony of Transformation, Human Forum 2008," San José, Costa Rica, March 2008.
"First European Human Forum, Alliance for a New Humanity," Barcelona, Spain, November 2008.
"State of the World Forum," Belo Horizonte, Brazil, August 2009.
"Earth Charter, Tenth Anniversary," The Hague, Netherlands, June 2010.
"Non-Governmental Organizations Conference, United Nations Department of Public Information," Bonn, Germany, September 2011.
"Rio+20: United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development," Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 2012.
"World Parliament of Spirituality," Hyderabad, India, December 2012.
"United Nations Climate Change Conference," Copenhagen, Denmark, December 2012.
Sister city relationship with the eco-municipality Guédé Chantier (Senegal), May 2014.
Participation in the "I Do Happiness" event held at the United Nations in New York on the occasion of the International Day of Happiness 2016.

Guédé Chantier

A twin connection between Europe and Africa

Damanhur participates in concrete projects of collaboration with realities that belong to different worlds but are united by experiences linked to sustainability. One of the goals of the Damanhurians is to make the acquired experiences available and exchange best practices with other realities. This is the case with our twin community, the Senegalese Eco Comunité of Guedé Chantier, which we have been very close to since 2014. In Senegal, many traditional villages have undertaken a transformation into eco-villages; Guedé Chantier, which has about 7,000 inhabitants and is located in the north of the country, was the first ecovillage in the Senegal river valley to operate in this sense. The twinning with Damanhur arises in the context of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), in which both realities participate. Representatives of Guedé Chantier and Damanhur exchanged visits, each participating in the life of the other community, and from the experiences came a collaboration project, linked to the preservation of food. In Guedé there are some months with an excess of vegetables and tomatoes, while in the remaining months there are problems of malnutrition. In spring 2016, Damanhurian experts of natural food processing traveled to Senegal to teach conservation methods for different vegetables and tomatoes. The seminar was organized for Guedé Chantier, but spreading the word, people from five different villages participated. To follow up the initiative, the seminar participants want to create a special association. Later stages of this twin connection will be to support exchanges between schools, and in the field of renewable energy and agriculture.

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