Spiritual Vision

Rebirth of the consciousness of your divine spark


Falco entrusts his message to the School of Meditation

The history of Damanhur began in 1975 in Turin, Italy with the founder of Damanhur Falco Tarassaco's first public talks on the themes of esoterism, paranormal phenomena and natural medicine. A year later, he began the first course of Meditation. The School of Meditation laid the groundwork for the birth of Damanhur, Federation of Communities a few years later.Falco personally conducted the first courses and over time he trained other instructors who developed the School of Meditation in successive years, following the tradition of his teachings. Since these early years, Falco delegated conducting the School of Meditation to various Damanhurians, with the intent of stimulating autonomy and responsibility in the transmission of his messages. He maintained the role of School supervisor and continued to enliven weekly open-to-the-public meetings that touched upon the main themes that constitute the very heart of this form of Meditation.The School of Meditation's teachings created a strong identity, around both the spiritual values and the rules of conduct that gave rise to the Damanhur experience. Over time, through Falco's divulgence of knowledge from the universal esoteric tradition, the very meaning of esoterism has gradually assumed a different connotation in the language of Damanhur.Esoterica is more "experience" than "knowledge." Such experiences can be shared but never trivialized, as it is the key to self-transformation for all those who want to pursue a spiritual goal.Today, many people from different cultures around the world participate in the school through the Path to Spiritual Freedom and the Course of Meditation, and its themes and experiences continue to expand. A central theme of the school is the use of free will, or an individual's capacity to make choices and assume self-responsibility.

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