Spiritual Vision

Rebirth of the consciousness of your divine spark

Magic and Theurgy
Language of Ritual

A system to communicate with all forms of life

Humanity has always sought communication with subtle and divine forces. From the mythology of the classical pantheons to the literary depictions of nature spirit kingdoms, these are all manifestations of our desire to relate with these beings and higher intelligences. In Damanhur, we call the dialogue with these forces "magic." By the term "Magic," we don't mean doing supernatural things or subverting the laws of nature, but rather, knowing how to bring ourselves in harmony with the universal laws of life in all its forms. The School of Meditation is defined as an initiation school because it offers a practice of ritual to the contact with positive forces, chosen as allies on the path of reawakening the divine spark in each one of us.
Ritual is a language that is solidified through time with the consistent repetition of gestures, thoughts and words that are reinforced by one's own will, and it has an effect on the physical and subtle world. In Damanhur's spiritual philosophy, to pray means to intensify a thought in order to bring about a result. Relating to the divine realm, we speak in terms of awareness and consciousness, instead of "supplication" or "grace."
In Damanhurian spirituality, everything is a reason for reflection and study, including contact with the entire spiritual ecosystem. Nothing is based on dogmatic certainty, but rather on an approach of constant research and the results of one's own experience. Ritual, meditation, and alchemy are simply ways to explore the mysteries of life, to better understand our role in the universe and to grow everyday, while expanding the range of our perceptions and sensitivity.

Spiritual Ecosystem

Divine energy divided into a thousand forms

In Damanhur philosophy, the field of existence includes many universes. The one in which we live is characterized by diverse forms of life and matter, and by the interaction of these forms with time, whose flow does not move linearly from the past, to the present, to the future, but rather in a complex geography with the contemporaneous presence of times and parallel universes, as quantum physics has also hypothesized.
The underlying hypothesis is that life in this universe, in all its manifestations, originates from a single divine matrix. This force is greater than the universe itself, so in order to enter into the world of forms, it had to fraction into many smaller forces. Some of them have a physical form, others do not.
In Damanhur, this force is called the Human Primeval Divinity, and all the manifestations of its essence on the subtle or non-material planes, form what is commonly called the spiritual ecosystem.
Over the millennia, humanity has felt the presence of many different forces all around us, and we have sensed the magnitude of these forces. This is how the pantheons, gods of all the mythologies considered collectively, have come about in history, including the major contemporary religions.
Smaller fragments of this primeval origin are the nature spirits, which are present in the legends and traditions of many cultures, as inhabitants of the forests, springs and glades.
Even plants and animals are manifestations of the same divine nature. Some beings, including humans, are "bridge-forms," capable of bridging the material plane and spiritual plans. Bridge-forms carry fragments of a divine spark; when reawakened, the divine spark has the power to reunite different planes of existence.
The relationship between human beings and gods is thought of as an alliance rather than a submission, as the same divine nature that permeates both.
Damanhur philosophy states that the evolution of humanity is connected to the evolution of its gods (and vice versa), just as it is connected to the life of the plant and animal species, as well as the entire planet. There is no separation in the concept of spiritual evolution in Damanhur, but rather deep union with the diverse aspects of existence, while respecting the differences that characterize each.
In Damanhur, the highest vision of the relationship between human and divine is represented by the "Triad." In the Triad, the divinities of all peoples of the planet, which have often been separated and in conflict, are connected in complete harmony. Those with similar myths and characteristics are united with each other, to strengthen a new global alliance between humanity and the divine, able to reawaken consciousness and a sense of unity-rather than separation-in all of humanity.


The divination of the full moon

On every full moon night, the Open Temple of Damjl hosts the Oracle ritual. 
As is commonly known, the time of the full moon is a moment that exalts personal mediumship, which makes it possible to receive intuitions, ideas and answers, gathering them from the "Divine Forces" who are open to communicating with us during the full moon. So, it is a condition where each one of us may be particularly receptive to messages and indications that come from the spiritual ecosystem. Those who attend the Oracle may do so not only as spectators, but also to seize the opening of synchronicity that is brought about by the full moon. 
In particular, the Oracle of Damanhur is ideally connected to the oracles and divination traditions of the past - which were the subject of extensive research by the group that conducts and is involved with this - with the aim of creating a bridge between our material sphere and the diverse ramifications of possible futures. The Oracle is a kind of antenna between our dimension and more expanded and apparently distant realities. It is a prospection in time, through which it is possible to receive signs and instructions about the unfolding of your path of development as well as personal and collective choices.
From one phase of the moon to another, it is possible to formulate a question to the Oracular Forces, delivering it to the "Pythias," the group who will mediumistically elaborate a response, specifically dedicated to the person who requested it. They will consign the response written on a leaf at a successive celebration of the Oracle ritual. 
The ritual celebration of the Oracle takes place with a public phase, in the open air, with the attendance of many Damanhurians and guests who wish to attend, accompanied by the rhythmic sounds of musicians and movements of Sacred Dance.


A traditional pathway toward self-transformation

Many ritual languages can be used to communicate with the forces of nature. Alchemy is one such technique for which Falco Tarassaco, the founder of Damanhur, offered an original vision connected to the "living forces" and the "extinguished forces." Living forces are those related to people's emotions and experiences, while extinguished forces are those related to the elements of nature. We never use frog tails or bat wings, not only because they are hard to find, but also because - even in an enchanted land like Damanhur - reality is one thing and imagination is another...
The concept of alchemy in Damanhur involves both transformation of the individual and transmutation of matter, through the conscious and skillful mixing of different chemical, natural and experiential elements. Damanhurian alchemy acts through an individual's emotions, memories and thoughts by way of continuous exercise and experimentation. The objective is always to create the conditions for personal growth. At Damanhur, we use prepared instruments, stone circuits, and collections of pure elements (air, water, earth, fire) to work in contact with natural entities and time, which in the Damanhurian vision, doesn't move linearly from past to present to future, but rather in a complex geography that involves the contemporaneous nature of time and parallel universes.
Alchemy is practiced both individually and collectively because, according to Damanhur tradition, comparing and sharing our research in a group setting helps to expand one's own vision.
Falco Tarassaco has always made his knowledge available to anyone who was willing to explore these subjects more deeply. The research that he conducted, including alchemy, can be accessed through schools and courses at the Damanhur University.

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