Spiritual Vision

Rebirth of the consciousness of your divine spark


A shared spiritual path

The desire to create a spiritual reality in which we give meaning to every aspect of daily life, has made Damanhur a rich and thoughtfully articulated model of life. The Damanhurian model is built on four main cornerstones called "pillars." Two of the pillars are the School of Meditation, which includes the spiritual vision, and the Federation of Communities, where this vision is applied in practice. The other two pillars are the Game of Life and Tecnarcato, whose fundamental values are related to change and inner transformation.The interaction of these four pillars creates a dynamic way of life that offers unique spiritual experiences, with diverse yet complementary ways of thinking.Over the past four decades, spiritual research conducted at Damanhur has also been organized into a University that has made Falco Tarassaco's teachings and the Damanhur model of life accessible to the world through schools, courses and public lectures.The choice of method, which has characterized the spiritual path of Damanhur from the beginning is banning smoking and any kind of recreational drug use. The reason is that we believe enlightenment may be achieved through everyday consciousness, commitment and continuity on a chosen path, which reinforces inner transformation without becoming dependent on elements outside of ourselves.

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