Spiritual Vision

Rebirth of the consciousness of your divine spark


Reawaken your divine nature

Inspired by its founder Falco Tarassaco, Damanhur's philosophy is based on positive thinking, action, and the idea that every individual desires to leave something of themselves to others and contribute to the evolution of humanity. In the Damanhurian vision of spirituality, we are all part of a spiritual ecosystem that is comprised of diverse conscious beings, and it is important to be aware of them and establish contact. In this ecosystem, there are beings whom humanity has always contacted in different ways, from the myths of nature spirits who live in the forest to the divinities connected to various popoli (indigenous peoples), cultures and main religions. Humans share in this ecosystem because we each carry a divine spark. The goal of the Damanhurian spiritual path is to reawaken this divine spark, which corresponds to the ultimate potential within, in each of us. Living with this divine principle means acknowledging that spirituality permeates every moment of existence, 24 hours a day, from birth to death.In Damanhur, the highest vision of the relationship between human and divine is represented by the "Triad." In the Triad, the divinities of all peoples of the planet, which have often been separated and in conflict, are connected in complete harmony. Those with similar myths and characteristics are united with each other, to create and strengthen a new global alliance between humanity and the divine, able to reawaken consciousness and a sense of unity - rather than separation - in all of humanity.Damanhur's primary spiritual teachings are outlined and taught through its School of Meditation. The school is open to everyone around the world who wishes to participate. There are two levels of progressing with the teachings of Falco Tarassaco. The first level offers reflections and experiences that support each person in the choice of their mission in life, through the Path to Spiritual Freedom. The second level involves deepening the themes of spiritual and esoteric knowledge, through the Course of Meditation.

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